SCSI Utility is a host based application that will enumerate and display all SCSI devices discovered by the host, build custom 6, 10, 12 and 32 byte commands, display inquiry data, display and modify mode and log pages, perform basic and advanced low-level SCSI formats, update device firmware, and more.

scu full size

  • Enumerates and displays all SCSI and ATA devices visible to the host
  • Supports detailed logging of every cdb, data and status for each command
  • Advanced custom cdb builder
  • Advanced pre-defined features to simplify complicated tasks
  • Advanced features to view all mode, log, diagnostic and vital product data pages
  • Advanced features to modify all mode and log pages
  • Ability to flash multiple devices at one time
  • Ability to format multiple block devices at one time
  • Ability to run self-test diagnostics on multiple devices
  • Pre-defined commands based on device type
  • Ability to display fibre channel statistics
  • Ability to send bus resets
  • Display detailed adapter information
  • Advanced T10 Protection Information checking
  • Display basic and extended inquiry data
  • License key required for activation